Drainage and Erosion


The flat lakebed soils of Sandusky County are naturally poorly drained and are not able to meet their full potential without adequate drainage.  Most landowners prefer to solve drainage problems with subsurface or tile drainage.  The SWCD assists landowners in the design and layout of these drainage systems.  Local drainage contractors are called upon to perform the work and use the drainage plans effectively.  The SWCD also assists landowners in the placement and design of shallow drainage ways.  The SWCD assists the Sandusky County Health Department with drainage reviews of house lots within the county.


Erosion Control

The Sandusky County Soil and Water Conservation District assists with the installation of erosion control structures.  These structures enable landowners to lower water from a field into a watercourse without causing erosion.

The SWCD also counsels landowners on field and farmstead windbreaks, cover cropping, tillage practices, crop rotation and similar practices which protect the land.


Pond Construction Consultation

Pond construction is also a popular conservation practice.  Many factors must be considered for a pond to be successful and functional.  The pond may enhance the landscape, provide water for livestock or irrigation and help sustain wildlife.  A technician is available to assist with soil and site suitability questions and conduct on-site explorations.


Woodland Management

The Soil and Water Conservation District advises clients on the care and maintenance of woodlands.  A Service Forester may be contacted to assist with marketing and timber stand improvement when technical assistance is required.


Tile Maps

If you are looking for old tile records for your farmland or property that your father, grandfather, or the previous landowner might have done, there is a possibility they came though our office for help.  Over the years our technicians assisted farmers and landowners with many of the following; topographic surveys, tile design layout, and as-built tile maps.  Our records may still contain copies of these maps and plans.  Please call and visit the office so that our staff may help you track down the information you’re looking for.

If you have done any updating or installed new surface/subsurface drainage systems please feel free to bring in or send over a copy and we will add it to our records.