Nutrient Management Technician

Ottawa, Sandusky, Wood County Soil and Water Conservation District



Sandusky Soil & Water Conservation District

2000 Countryside Drive, Suite A

Fremont, OH 43420


Nature and Purpose of Work

The Nutrient Management Technician is responsible for assisting producers in Ottawa, Sandusky, and Wood County Soil and Water Conservation Districts with Nutrient Management Planning. This position will include promoting application of soil and water conservation practices and assisting landowners in fulfilling their responsibilities to protect and to develop all natural resources within the District.

Job Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree in an Agricultural related field or Associate’s Degree with equivalent experience working with livestock or crop production related fields. Extensive job experience may be considered in lieu of degree.
  • Current college students in their last year of coursework pursing a related degree may be considered and are encouraged to apply.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills including the ability to talk one-on-one with producers.



  • Must have and maintain a valid Ohio driver’s license, have and maintain automobile insurance and a good driving record. Must be able to operate motor vehicles during daylight and evenings hours, on both public and private roads.
  • Must maintain consistent and reliable attendance record.
  • Must communicate effectively in English using both written and oral forms of communication.
  • Must have the physical ability to maneuver rough and steep terrain on foot, and be able to function in a smoke-free environment. Must be willing to work outdoors in all weather.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Work closely with producer to prepare and implement Nutrient Management Plans.
  • Take inventory, review, and update current CNMP’s on Review and evaluate Nutrient Management Plans submitted by Technical Service Providers (TSP’s).
  • Assist with complaints related to animal waste and erosion run-off. Prepare reports to ODA-DSWC, OEPA, and ODNR – Division of Work with landowners and producers to correct problems.
  • Assist landowners on proper land application techniques given site specific soil and crop Evaluate manure application to verify NRCS standards are followed. Understand application rates and have basic knowledge of a variety of equipment utilized for manure application.
  • Work closely with local agri-businesses, co-ops, and agencies to coordinate manure management education events and to promote effective nutrient management practi
  • Make site investigations, recommend best management practices, and record field
  • Promote the application of soil and water conservation
  • Assist landowners and producers in applying vegetative practices by giving advice and on­ site assistance in the proper method rates of seeding as well as maintaining pasture legumes, grasses, and cover
  • Works harmoniously with fellow employees and the district board in a continuing effort to achieve the annual and long-range goals of the
  • Prepare and maintain forms and assist the technical staff in maintaining field office records and in preparing Prepare and submit all necessary reports required by SWCD, NRCS, FSA, ODA, OFSWCD, OSWCC and OEPA. Maintain records as required by the SWCD and the Ohio Soil and Water Conservation Commission
  • Perform public relations duties including assisting with radio programs, news releases, and Explain the district’s conservation program to the public. Assist staff in conducting tours, conservation field days, educational meetings, and related activities.
  • Other duties and responsibilities as directed by the District Program Administer and Board of Supervisors.


Supervision and Guidance

The employee occupying this position is directly responsible to the Sandusky Board of Supervisors and under the direct supervision of the District Administrator and ODA-DSWC personnel.  The employee will adhere to the Sandusky Soil and Water Conservation District personnel employment policy. The employee will carry out responsibilities as assigned by the Supervisors. The SWCD, Ohio Department of Agriculture-Division on Soil and Water and the Natural Resources Conservation Service will provide training.


Performance Review

The performance of each duty in this position will be evaluated against the requirements developed for the position upon the conclusion of a six-month probationary period. A formal performance review will be conducted annually with the employee as described in the employment policy.

Your performance rating is an overall evaluation of your performance in the judgement of your Supervisor. During this review, career opportunities along with items concerning the employee’s professional growth and employment are discussed.


Equal Opportunity Employment

The employee agrees that all SWCD and NRCS programs and services are offered on a non-discriminatory basis without regard to race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation, and marital or familial status.


Salary and Benefits

Starting pay will be $17.00-$19.00 per hour and will be based upon experience. Selected applicant will participate in Ohio Public Employees Retirement System (PERS), and be eligible for vacation, sick leave, health insurance, deferred compensation, life insurance, and paid holiday leave.



Persons wishing to be considered for the position must submit a completed Sandusky County Application for Employment which can be found on the Sandusky County website at www.sandusky-county.com, resume, cover letter and three un-related references prior to the closing date.


Closing Date

Must be received by close of business on February 1, 2020.