Meet Our Board of Supervisors Present and Past

Chairman – Dave Warner

Vice-Chairman – Scott Chalfin

Secretary-Treasurer- Jacob Younker

Member- Dusten Watson

Member- Lee Havens


The Board of Supervisors meet the second Thursday of every month at 8:00 a.m., the meetings are open to the public and all we ask is you call ahead to let the staff know.  All meetings are held at the district office, unless otherwise posted.

Reorganization  took place at the first  board meeting  January 9, 2020.


Past Supervisors

*Dwight Wise, Sr.           *Clifford Bowersox           *Adfred Waggoner

*C. F. Biehler                    *Elmer Balsizer                 *Floyd Damschroder

*Earl Longanbach            *Leslie Martin                   *Elwood Manbeck

*George Clark                   Chester Mauch                 *James Cunningham

*Robert Perry                   Amos Druckenmiller        Thomas Antesberger

Robert Wright                  Howard Sachs                    Ronald House

William Schenk               Lowell Myerholtz               Thomas Liskai

Norbert Molyet                Dave Rimelspach              Dave Sachs

*Ray Baker                        Lynn Martin                      Roger Wise

Bernard Lehamann         Charles Schwochow          David Wagner

Steve Pearson                   Deborah Johlin-Bach       Jim Steinberger

Peter Miller                       Kyle Amor                          Matt Hofelich

Mike Lantz                         Keith King