Meet Our Board of Supervisors Present and Past

Chairman – Scott Chalfin

Vice-Chairman – Dusten Watson

Secretary-Treasurer- Dave Warner

Member- Jacob Younker

Member- Don Binger


The Board of Supervisors meet the second Friday of every month at 8:00 a.m., the meetings are open to the public and all we ask is you call ahead to let the staff know (419-334-6324).  All meetings are held at the district office, unless otherwise posted.


Reorganization  took place at the first  board meeting  January 15, 2021.


Past Supervisors

*Dwight Wise, Sr.           *Clifford Bowersox           *Adfred Waggoner

*C. F. Biehler                    *Elmer Balsizer                 *Floyd Damschroder

*Earl Longanbach            *Leslie Martin                   *Elwood Manbeck

*George Clark                   Chester Mauch                 *James Cunningham

*Robert Perry                   Amos Druckenmiller        Thomas Antesberger

Robert Wright                  Howard Sachs                    Ronald House

William Schenk               Lowell Myerholtz               Thomas Liskai

Norbert Molyet                Dave Rimelspach              Dave Sachs

*Ray Baker                        Lynn Martin                      Roger Wise

Bernard Lehamann         Charles Schwochow          David Wagner

Steve Pearson                   Deborah Johlin-Bach       Jim Steinberger

Peter Miller                       Kyle Amor                          Matt Hofelich

Mike Lantz                         Keith King                         Lee Havens