Our story

Sandusky County Soil & Water District was established in 1948. The district serves as a liaison between private landowners and federal agencies. Sandusky County Soil & Water District was the 62nd conservation district formed in Ohio. 

We Have One Goal in common

To ProvideThe Highest Quality
Services and Programs to Sandusky County.

We have three main goals in Sandusky County.

  1. We want to assist local livestock/grain crop producers on how to manage nutrients on their farms. The district and partners will provide technical assistance with nutrient management planning and best management practices implementation on the land.

  2. We want to promote and utilize conservation farming practices to improve water quality and soil health in Sandusky County/Western Lake Erie Basin. By promoting conservation programs and practices we can help reduce runoff of sediment/nutrients from farm land and urban areas that could potentially end up in our water way.

  3.  We want to promote, implement and improve drainage and water quality on agricultural lands. Design tile plans for land owners/producers as needed. 

Our Vision

We envision a county that provides adequate drainage for both rural and urban residents at the same time ensures water and soil quality. Because in order to provide food and health for future generations and also to ensure a robust environment, we must protect our valuable natural resources.

Our Mission

To promote and enhance the efficient use of our natural resources and the preservation of our environment.