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H2Ohio: Overwintering Cover Crop Interseeding Bonus

H2Ohio is offering a NEW incentive – $10/acre to interseed an overwintering cover crop into standing corn or soybeans by September 30th, 2022.

Producers must submit field maps, bill, receipts and invoices that show seeding date, and seed tags or tests that include % purity, % germ, % weed seed, Ohio noxious weed content.

Participating producers will follow the H2Ohio Best Management Practice Standards and Guidelines for Overwintering Cover Crops, including all Nutrient Application Standards and Guidelines.

Please call our office at 419-334-6324 to sign up by August 1, 2022 or for additional questions.


How can you be the CHANGE?

Producers being the Change in Sandusky County. Sandusky County is currenlty home of 3 Manure Storage Facilities, 5,221 Nutrient Management acres, 8,541 acres of Cover Crops, and 507.1 acres of Hay Buffers.

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Offering The Best conservation practices Since 1948

Sandusky County Soil & Water District was established in 1948. The district serves as a liaison between private landowners and federal agencies. Sandusky County Soil & Water District was the 62nd conservation district formed in Ohio.